Our Mission:

Paper and Pencils, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization providing school supplies to children in the Mississippi Delta because we believe education is the one true way out of poverty.

Our Story:

Paper and Pencils, Inc. came into being when our Founder and Director, Mary Ann Hillier, watched a Sundance Film Festival documentary winner, "LaLee's Kin: The Legacy of Cotton." In an heart breaking scene, one of the Wallace children, Grannie, cries because she can't go to school not having a pencil or paper. Her grandmother, LaLee Wallace, stands outside her trailer talking with neighbors trying to find someone who has paper and pencil to spare. Ms. Hillier was so troubled by the thought of a child missing school for lack of such basic materials she decided something had to be done to help.

That something became Paper and Pencils, Inc.

How we work:

Since its founding in October 2002, Paper & Pencils, Inc. has been dedicated to providing educational materials to students and schools in the Mississippi Delta so that everyone has access to education.
To accomplish this we work with individuals, religious organizations, schools and the business community to create and host community service projects and fund raisers, to spread awareness, raise funds and collect donations of supplies and educational materials. The supplies and materials are then sent directly to schools. This allows over 95% of our donations to go directly to helping the students. To learn more please visit our projects page.

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